Thursday, 30 January 2014

Transport for travellers

You can hire bikes everywhere and they are great for exploring. ( this one is near Inle Lake in Myanmar)
I think buddha also wore Birkenstocks. Slip on slip off at the temple
Spot the odd one out 
Train station at kalaw in Myanmar.  5 mins before kids were playing soccer on the tracks
Me and about 50 people on my bus waited here ( near vang vieng, laos) incredulous when our bus driver pulled over and stopped for 15 minutes to admire his friend's lime green paint job. 
Taxis in Bangkok are cheap and safe
The mighty Mekong. Two days from Luang Prabang to Thai border with the amusingly named Shompoo Cruise

My favourite form of  transport
In Luang Prabang even the tuk tuks are beautiful
@travelinasiaWould like to apologise for the lengthy delay to your journey today. This was caused by unfeasibly large potholes, Chinese dams upriver, dodgy brakes and epic overcrowding. #arrivedalive

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